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Wedding Features / July 1, 2022

100 Gift Ideas for Wedding Guests


We have divided favor ideas into categories to make it easier for you to choose.


  • Meringue is so light and weightless, it’s perfect as a gourmet gift.
  • If the meringue is a little fragile, you can substitute marshmallows.
  • Make a miniature brownie for each guest. You can use it as a seating chart by attaching a piece of paper with the name of the person to whom it is addressed.
  • Make boxes of colorful macaroons for your guests.
  • Truffles will be appreciated by guests right at the wedding when coffee is served.
  • Futuristic candy, printed with a food 3D printer, looks very original. As an option, you can make figurines of the guests and use them for seating.
  • Monpensier boxes.
  • Fondant. You can make it yourself or buy it ready-made.
  • Fun cupcake pops will be the perfect way out if you’ve run out of gift ideas.
  • Or cupcakes for each guest.
  • Cookies with a fortune.
  • Delicious scones are a budget-friendly gift option for a cozy, homemade wedding.
  • Buy a Kinder Surprise for each guest: candy and a toy in one gift.
  • A chocolate bar is a classic sweet treat that all guests will appreciate.
  • And chocolate champagne bottles are good as gifts for winning the competition.
  • Homemade cookies.
  • Lollipops.
  • Colorful liquorice sticks will add brightness to the feast.
  • You can remember your childhood and make colorful marmalade in sugar for your guests.
  • Or make sacks so guests can fill ’em up with candy.

Drinks, Condiments, and Snacks

  • You can make a small bottle of champagne or wine with a straw for each guest.
  • Cocktails in a mason jar with a theme label.
  • A voucher for guests to order drinks from the bar.
  • Packets of nuts (chocolate covered or not).
  • Bright apple or any other fruit on plates looks spectacular.
  • Chewy candy in the shape of hearts.
  • Or breath-freshening jelly beans with a playful caption.
  • Jars of honey.
  • Or leave the honey in the honeycomb and package it up nicely.
  • Bundles of herbs would make an original and useful gift.
  • Spices in a corked bottle, filled with multicolored layers—an unusual and very stylish solution.
  • Jars with home-made adjika.
  • Tea in a bottle with a crusty cork always looks stylish.
  • A small box of tea.
  • A small can of coffee will ensure your guests have a brisk morning after the wedding party.
  • Baskets or bags of berries.

Custom Ideas

  • Reusable wine stoppers engraved with your guest’s name.
  • Personalized liquor flasks.
  • Mini olive oil bottles.
  • Small notepad with a wedding theme on the cover.
  • Stylish pens or pencils.
  • Original cup holders.
  • Candles (you can use regular candles or pour paraffin into glasses with the names of the bride and groom).
  • Unusual candle holders.
  • Let your guests become real cooks—give them a set of baking molds.
  • Compact mirror.
  • A decorative heart made of wood (it can also be used for decor or as a card indicating the guest’s place at the table).
  • An antique key with the guest’s name.
  • On a rod or in letters instead of a “tongue”.
  • A handmade paper flower so he can take it with him.
  • Surprisingly enough, books!
  • Let it be the one that everyone has long dreamed of, or just rare copies with a hint of antiquity.
  • A charitable gift—such as making a small donation on behalf of each guest to a charitable organization and presenting the guests with certificates that prove it.

Wedding Gifts That Can Be Used After the Wedding

  • Name glass pendants.
  • If you have a colorful wedding, decorate the glasses with colorful name bracelets.
  • Flash Tattoos: These metal patterns are water resistant and last a long time.
  • A keychain with a photo or guest’s name on it.
  • Name lip balms.
  • Handmade soaps.
  • Bath Bombs.
  • Jars of scented salts.
  • Mini bottles of scented bath foam.
  • Towels with guests’ names printed on them.
  • If there are many women in attendance, why not give each of them nail polish in the color of the wedding?
  • Name sachet bags.
  • Live bulbous plants (tulips or crocuses).
  • Delicate violets.
  • Succulents will fit into the interiors of most modern apartments.
  • Present a bean sprout, with a suggestion to go on a fabulous journey together in the footsteps of plucky Jack.
  • Candles with a scent reminiscent of a wedding.

Seasonal and Thematic Gifts

  • If the wedding is planned during a hot season, prepare beautiful fans for each guest.
  • And sunglasses, especially if the banquet is outdoors.
  • And if it’s on the coast, put a basket of flip-flops.
  • During a winter wedding, hot chocolate will come in handy.
  • Cones with a bronze or gold plating will look very original.
  • Decorate each place setting with a snowflake. made of ceramics, mastic, or chocolate.
  • Or place mesmerizing glass snow globes near each plate.
  • On Christmas Eve, give your guests personalized Christmas decorations.
  • Or bake gingerbread men.
  • Bengal lights!
  • Kids will especially love the firecrackers.
  • Hand warmers would be great for a late fall wedding.
  • For Easter, you can make a nest and fill it with eggs.
  • Jam jars look great at rustic weddings.
  • If you have a honeymoon planned after your wedding, or if you’re just using a travel theme for your wedding, play up the luggage tags.
  • If you have an oriental wedding, prettily decorated scented sticks would be nice.
  • Certificate for a meeting with the bride and groom (going to the movies, restaurant, dinner at home, etc.).

Entertainment and Symbolism

  • Hire a caricaturist who will not only entertain, but also give everyone in attendance their portraits.
  • A magician’s performance.
  • Give your guests Rubik’s cubes and determine right at the wedding who is the fastest to assemble them!
  • Put origami on each plate with instructions, and at the end of the wedding, have a contest for the best figure.
  • Coloring books would be a great gift for kids.
  • Soap bubbles will allow everyone to dive back into their childhood.
  • Raffle tickets What if someone at your wedding becomes a millionaire?
  • Interior cushions with funny images.
  • Fun wedding-themed badges.
  • Give a hashtag emblem and include a link on it that makes it easy to find all the stuff about your wedding.
  • Soft toys to commemorate the warmth of your celebration.
  • Print out your signature recipe for each guest.
  • Hand out thumb drives with your wedding playlist.
  • Take a Polaroid (or Fuji Instax) camera to your wedding, and all guests get a printed photo of the bride and groom at once.
  • Photo frame. You can use it at the wedding to indicate where your guests are seated, and then have everyone take it with them when they leave.

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