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Wedding Features / June 21, 2022

Different Wedding Styles and Themes: The 15 Top Types


Classic Style

A classic wedding adheres to established rules and traditions, limiting the choice of accessories and color palette.


  • No bright, colorful, or flashy decorations;
  • A parade of automobiles;
  • The bride’s bouquet of roses, orchids, peonies, hydrangeas;
  • Games, competitions, and traditional ceremonies are planned;
  • Take part in any invited groups.

Where to hold:

Country hotels, classically decorated restaurants, parks, yacht clubs, old castles, palaces, and estates.


The bride is dressed in a snow-white dress; milk, cream, or pearl colors are acceptable. It should be puffy or close fitting.

An indispensable condition is the floor length and the absence of pretentiousness. Rhinestones, pearls, and beads are in perfect harmony with the evening dress.

The groom is dressed in a strict suit of black, gray, blue, or brown.

The shirts are available in white, beige, milky, or pale pink. Golden cufflinks, long tie or bow tie, boutonniere.

Textiles and Printing:

Rectangular-shaped invitations, made of heavy, light-colored paper.

Openwork lace, gold embossing, rhinestones, images of doves and rings.

On the tables, monochrome tablecloths, and compositions of fresh flowers.

Decor and Floristics:

Roses are used. Do draping with light fabrics: silk, organza, satin, chiffon.

A French Style Wedding

A French wedding is a romantic and gentle celebration with a hint of Parisian lightness and elegance.

French-style weddings are often associated with Provence, a celebration of rustic life, but this style can exist on its own.


  • Decorations in a pastel palette;
  • Minimalism in the attire and decoration of the hall;
  • Typical symbols of France: statuettes of the Eiffel Tower, chocolate figures, candles;
  • Small floral arrangements on the tables;
  • A discreet bouquet of peonies for the bride;
  • French menu: wine, cheeses, canapés, julienne.

Where to hold:

Banquet halls and restaurants.


For the bride, a fitted dress with a little train or a new look would be ideal.

Outfits made of light materials that harmonize with the lightness of a French wedding.

The groom may choose any suit.

Whether it’s a tuxedo or a classic pantsuit, complementing the image will help accessories like a bow tie, suspenders, or even a pocket watch on a chain. The color of the suit is also variable, but the most harmonious would be gentle shades such as beige.

Textiles and Printing:

Invitations for guests, as well as any other printed products, are designed as simply as possible.

A simple card with one spread will do. Choose an elegant, calligraphic font.

Choose white tablecloths, complementing them with color accents of pistachio, lavender, soft pink or other pastel colors.

Decor and Floristics:

Decorate the hall and banquet tables better with fresh flowers. The most organic option would be a composition of peonies.

Small themed figurines and candles will help add a little Parisian glamour. And as a gift for the guests, you will suit small bottles of fine perfume, which you can even make yourself in specialized workshops.


A wedding dominated by the color of fresh greenery as a symbol of the beginning of a new life.


  • Held primarily in the spring or summer;
  • Every detail is dominated by a lush green color;
  • The motorcade is a carriage decorated with plants;
  • The girl’s bouquet is made up of her favorite flowers and greenery.

Where to hold:

Country hotel, park, and garden. In winter time, it is possible to organize a celebration in a covered blooming greenhouse, to create an imitation of nature in the banquet hall.


The bride can be in the image of a forest nymph. A white dress, a wreath or flower decoration on her head.

The groom selects a suit of green, mint, white, beige, gray, or brown.

Textiles and Printing:

The invitations are made of heavy paper. Ornaments, plant motifs are depicted.

Tables are covered with pieces of linen fabric of various widths. You can do without them. Open wooden surfaces look advantageous.

Decor and Floristics:

Juniper, live thuas, ferns, and florariums with succulents are used.


A rustic wedding is a ceremony that reflects the features and originality of rustic life in its ideal sense.


  • Make use of natural materials:
  • Lace, linen, and wool
  • Live music: harp, guitar, violin;
  • Everything must be natural and organic;
  • The bride’s bouquet must be made of garden and field plants;
  • The cortege is a carriage or a cart with horses.

Where to hold:

A glade, the veranda of a country house, a golf course, a yacht club, near a body of water.


The bride picks an airy and flowing dress made of natural materials: linen, silk, or cotton. The colors of the outfit are: white, olive, beige, light blue, gray. The cut should be an A-silhouette or straight. Plumes, corsets, sequins, and tight dresses would be inappropriate. Lace inserts are allowed. The hair is decorated with a wreath of greenery.

The groom wears a light suit of linen or cotton. The jacket can be replaced by a vest. The image will be completed with suspenders, a bow tie, and a hat.

Textiles and Printing:

Invitations are decorated with burlap, lace, or depict a sprig of greenery.

Fabric handkerchiefs with a print or engraving on a wooden form.

Decor and Floristics:

Arches, swings Floristic compositions place cachepots, small pots, buckets. Organic materials are suitable: stone, burlap, linen, wood, as well as rustic items.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Style

A wedding in an eco-friendly style is a celebration with concern for the environment, nature, and unity with it.


  • Basic geometry;
  • Natural materials in clothing and decoration;
  • The natural color palette;
  • A lot of greenery;
  • Wicker furnishings.

Where to Hold:

In tents placed on the banks of a river or in the woods, in the backyard of a country house.


The bride wears a suitable dress made of natural materials: cotton, linen, or lace knitted from wool.

It’s acceptable if the outfit is a bit aged, as if borrowed from grandma’s closet. The cut of the dress will be as simple as possible, an A-silhouette or a straight dress will be appropriate. Corset bodices or body-fitting dresses are not suitable.

Men are also advised to choose a suit made of natural materials.

It could be a linen set in the summer and a wool suit in the winter.The ideal addition to the eco-look will be wooden accessories: a watch with a bracelet made of wood or cufflinks.

Textiles and Printing:

To create invitations, information cards for tables, and signs are great for kraft paper or paper canvas made by your own hands. The font is chosen at the discretion of the newlyweds, you can choose something classic or imitate the style of cave paintings. Another option is to make invitations on a tree using the technique of burning.

Tables are covered exclusively with cotton tablecloths or a linen rug on the table-the edges, in this case, will remain uncovered.

Decor and Floristics:

All kinds of natural décor: moss, dry branches, fresh flowers, and greenery are used for decorations. Wicker baskets, clay vases, and cones can add eco-inspired flair.

Instead of cut flowers, you can add plants in pots, it’s even more eco-friendly.


A Woodland style wedding is a combination of the natural beauty of nature and unusual woodland entourage details, more refined than rustic.


  • A plethora of fancy materials;
  • A bouquet of plants from the field or garden;
  • The cortege is decorated with forest accessories.

Where to hold:

Outdoors, a restaurant with a panoramic view of the forest.


The man favors a classic suit or loose-fitting pants and a casual shirt.

The bride’s image is airy and romantic, with a wreath of ferns, creepers, and cones.

Textiles and Printing:

Kraft paper, themed designs, and calligraphic lettering are appropriate for the invitation. Scroll in a moss box. Tablecloths, runners. Use only natural fabrics.

Decor and Floristics:

Garlands, bulbs, lanterns, candles, dream catchers, burlap flags, artificial springs. Moss, succulents, eucalyptus, lotuses, vines, greenery.

Bohemian Chic or Boho

A boho wedding combines absolutely incompatible components of different eras and cultures, luxury and simplicity.


  • The motorcade is made up of vintage vehicles.
  • Handmade in eclectic, folk, hippie, gypsy styles;
  • Many different styles of accessories are used.
  • The bride’s bouquet is assembled as brightly as possible;
  • Ethnic, rainbow, and floral motifs in the patterns.

Where to hold:

The beach, an old mansion, a natural location In Moscow, it is possible to organize a ceremony on the beach of Serebryany Bor.


The bride has a light-flowing dress without a corset. The trimming can be made of openwork lace. It is possible to weave a wreath on the head or decorate a bracelet. fashionable wedding dresses in the style of boho.

The groom wears pants made of natural fabric or jeans. A tweed jacket or rustic cartouche, suspenders, a bright bowtie, hat, and boutonniere are appropriate for the image.

Textiles and Printing:

Invitations are made of rough cardboard, kraft paper, ribbons, linen threads, and twine. Feathers, artificial pearls, and natural fabrics bring colorful notes.

Tablecloths with ethnic ornaments on low wooden or wicker furniture. Instead of chairs, tree stumps, poufs, and cushions scattered on the grass are allowed. A hammock can be hung for guests.

Decor and Floristics:

Aged furniture, candle holders, wooden spokes, original figurines, napkins, feathers, homemade jewelry, wicker, knitted items, compositions with bright flowers.

Shabby Chic or Vintage

A shabby chic wedding is a combination of aristocratic glamour and vintage openwork.


  • Antique furniture, rare items, family decorations;
  • The bride’s bouquet is made of roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and freesias;
  • Cortege of rare cars, convertible and suitable.

Where to hold:

Country home, estate, outdoor flower tent, banquet hall, vintage restaurant.


The bride wears a classic A-silhouette or “mermaid” dress in white, pale pink or milky shades. Belt, gloves, headpiece, jewelry.

For the groom, a brown vest and a pale pink shirt are chosen. red bowtie, gilded cufflinks, hat, peony boutonniere with lace.

Textiles and Printing:

Cards are decorated with ribbons, lace, pearls, rhinestones, and floral motifs.

Tables are covered with linen tablecloths.

Decor and Floristics:

Caskets, lampshades, candlesticks, canary cages, antique clocks, angel figurines, a gramophone, and worn furniture. Create a look as if everything has been worn and faded over time. Handmade accessories

Decorate honeycombs, arches, and columns with wildflowers.


A wedding in the style of Provence is a combination of antique gloss and vintage elements, an imitation of the atmosphere of the French province of Provence.


  • A rustic entourage with a lavender hue;
  • There are no pretentious or pompous elements.
  • Many natural materials are used;
  • Antique or vintage furnishings;
  • Cortege-wagon, carriage, antique car;
  • A lady’s bouquet of lavender, violet, and hydrangea;
  • Candlesticks and lamps made of wrought iron;
  • The design uses delicate and pastel colors.
  • French cuisine: wine, cheese, pastries, and seafood


The bride’s dress is delicate with straight-cut lace inserts. Our selection of topical wedding gowns in Provence style.

The groom wears a soft fabric suit in a custom color or a single shirt. The image is completed with a lilac tie or neck scarf.

Textiles and Printing:

Invitations are designed on rough paper in purple or lavender. Decorate with lace, kraft, and pearls. Use a vintage font.

Tables and the room are decorated with airy fabrics and lace.

Decor and Floristics:

Compositions with flowers of restrained shades. In pots, teapots, jars, and bottles are placed branches of olive, lavender, bunches of herbs, and bunches of grapes.

Wicker baskets, boxes, antique dishes, cages with birds.

Romantic Style


  • The main accent is on magic, mystery, and luxury in this celebration.
  • Avoid using geometric and strict lines.
  • Live performance of lyrical music.
  • The motorcade, a carriage with horses;
  • Streamlined soft forms;
  • Pale pastel hues.

Where to hold:

Winter garden, marquee, banquet hall with panoramic windows, castle, summer veranda.


The girl prepares a sumptuous dress of cream or white hue, with a long train. A Wreath,a luxurious tiara.

The groom wears a brown or light gray suit.

Textiles and Printing:

Airy fabrics: lace, chiffon, silk, guipure, tulle.

Invitations are made on paper, shawls, or wooden planks, decorated in pastel colors, complemented with a print. Poems about love are appropriate.

Graceful draperies.

Decor and Floristics:

Elegant furniture with curved legs, candlesticks, and compositions.

Pink and red roses, tulips, freesias, cornflowers, daisies, lily of the valley, lavender.


A glamorous wedding is an aristocratic luxury intertwined with sophistication and pomp, glitz and glamour.


  • A motorcade, a modern limousine, or a vintage automobile;
  • The bride’s bouquet of roses, peonies, or exotics is decorated with gold thread;
  • Gold or silver accessories, ornate, shiny elements.

Where to hold:

Country villa, mansion, nightclub, premium restaurant, yacht.


The bride’s dress is white, gold, silver, pink, black, or made of expensive fabric by a famous couturier. It can be short or long. Fashion choices are A-silhouette, princess, or straight cut. Deep cleavage and a cut. Decorate with beads, glass beads, sequins, rhinestones, lace. In winter, a fur cape will do. Elegant gloves and a clutch.

The groom wears a velvet or satin tuxedo in white, black, or gray.

Ideal is a velour cherry suit. Expensive watches, cufflinks, tie clips, boutonnieres

Textiles and Printing:

Invitations represent a prototype of a glossy magazine, a ticket to a movie, or an Oscar ceremony.

Tables are covered with silk, linen, or polyester fabrics and decorated with napkins.

Decor and Floristics:

Candelabras, feathers, mirrors, a pyramid of champagne glasses

Luxurious floral garlands are tall compositions of live plants.

Minimalist Styled Wedding

Weddings in this style are simple, laconic, elegant, reserved, without pretentiousness, pomp, and extravagance.


  • A neutral color palette, a minimum of hues;
  • A bouquet of flowers or leaves of the same color;
  • The procession is decorated with satin ribbons and rings.

Where to hold:

Spacious banquet hall, natural location, outdoor terrace, industrial space.


The girl is dressed in an elegant dress of simple cut without puffiness and a minimum of embellishments. Wedding dresses in the style of minimalism in our selection with explanations. Hair: ponytail, bun, soft curls. A necklace with stones

The groom picks up a monochrome suit or tuxedo. A shirt in the tone of the bride’s dress.

Butterflies and ties are inappropriate.

Boutonniere in the form of a green twig

Textiles and Printing:

White tablecloths, runners, and monochrome drapery.

Invitations are made of textured paper, monograms, lettering, and calligraphic script. Decorations are not welcome.

Decor and Floristics:

Suspended arrangements, geometric designs in metal, dishes without designs.

Twigs in a vase, miniature bouquets, plenty of greenery, garlands, succulents, dried flowers.

Urban Chic or Loft

An Urban-Chic Wedding or, in other words, a Loft Wedding, is a ceremony that reflects the aesthetics of the urban space and the spirit of megapolises.


  • Interior elements with geometric shapes;
  • Decoration with aged wood;
  • Different lighting is given a lot of weight;
  • A tangle of peonies, irises, and greenery;
  • A procession of vintage cars adorned with flowers and ribbons; a mix of the incompatible: draperies, irises, and greenery;
  • An incompatible combination: drapery on concrete;
  • Contrasting colors in the details of the accessories.

Where to hold:

A production room, the roof of a house, a restaurant with concrete or brick walls inside.


The bride is in a long, straight-cut dress of guipure or silk. It can be replaced with a pantsuit. Our selection of the best replacements for a classic dress and non-classical bridal attire for the bride. Steel and copper accessories Sloppy curls, ponytails, bunches.

Groom should wear a suit in graphite, blue, or black, with a matching bow tie and tie, shirt.

Textiles and Printing:

Invitations are made in the form of cards with a picture of the city or factory, decorated with a metal brooch. Tablecloths, metallized fabrics, and natural fabrics. Silk, satin, or velvet are suitable.

Decor and Floristics:

Graffiti, metal, glass, brick, fireplace, vintage vases, cityscape posters.

Succulents, cacti in concrete pots, brass vases, florariums, vertical gardening.


An industrial style wedding with an emphasis on industrial paraphernalia in the design.


  • “Bare” space, rough textures, simplicity of forms;
  • Monochrome minimalism in the room’s design;
  • A disheveled monochrome bouquet, preferably in white shades;
  • The procession is decorated with ribbons, rings, and metal.

Where to hold:

Factory, factory, rooftop, simple banquet hall.


The bride is dressed in a simple cut dress with minimal jewelry. Simple hairstyle

The groom has a monochrome suit and tie.

Textiles and Printing:

The invitation should use dark colors, metallic glitter, and industrial subjects.

Decor and Floristics:

Rosettes, fire extinguishers, gears, cables, hanging elements, wood, leather textures, metal, glass. Garlands with small bulbs hung everywhere, candles in jars.

Aloes, cacti, dried flowers, field plants, discreet arrangements.

Informal or Casual Style

Consider the option of such a ceremony. The Hippie style wedding reflects the features of the original culture and conveys its atmosphere.


  • A sea of greenery, bright colors, ethnic motifs
  • A bouquet of wildflowers, herbs, and plants;
  • A motorcade is a love bus, cars with inscriptions.

Where to hold:

A tent in a clearing, near a body of water in the Indian resort of Goa.


The bride’s dress is loose, with embroidery, fringe, and lacing in the spirit of ethnic motifs. Natural fabrics are used for sewing. Suitable denim material elements. Loose hair, a wreath, an ethnic bandage, or ribbons in the hair. Homemade bracelets, bracelets, beads.

The groom prefers a cotton shirt, jeans, or summer pants.

Textiles and Printing:

Plain cloth tablecloths with ethnic patterns, plaids, or rugs.

Invitations make their own, complete with beads, fringe, feathers, and ribbons.

Decor and Floristics:

Garlands, ribbons, psychedelic paintings, amulets, wildflowers, plants, and herbs.

Wedding Themes

In addition to the style of the wedding, you can also choose a theme by organizing a wedding theme.

A wedding theme is a ceremony based on a specific cultural phenomenon. Such an event has a main theme, on the basis of which the wedding scenario is composed, the decor, costumes, props for the photo session, video shots and other important details are selected.


A fairy tale theme is a reproduction of a story from a popular fairy tale or a mix of your favorite characters.


  • Enlist the help of a rustic or vintage entourage;
  • The bride’s bouquet is complemented by a string of pearls or a recognizable detail from a fairy tale;
  • The cortege is a carriage, sleigh, or stylized antique car.

Where to hold:

A country estate, an old castle, a restaurant, the shore of a body of water, a park.


The look of the bride: a lady beauty in a sarafan with a headdress; a princess in a snow-white dress; an oriental beauty in a silk dress. A wreath, a tiara with a veil, or a Flemish hat.

The groom wears a tailcoat, a Renaissance style shirt, galleys, a beret, and a bowtie to create the image of a hero from a European fairy tale. For the Oriental one, he wears a luxurious suit-double.

Textiles and Printing:

The invitation can be made in the form of a scroll decorated with ribbons, bows, sequins, or a card depicting the symbol of the fairy tale.

Use a calligraphic font.

Translucent curtains, draperies of light fabrics White or blue tablecloths decorated with lace.

Decor and Floristics:

Candlesticks, locks, bows, pearls, vases, bowls, cups

Compositions of field plants, figurines of fairy tale characters.


A wedding with a maritime theme.

Diving into the abyss of fun with nautical motifs in everything.


  • The incorporation of nautical memorabilia into interior design;
  • The girls’ bouquet is supplemented with strings of pearls and nautical symbols;
  • The cortege is a cabriolet, a phaeton, a roadster with white and blue accessories.

Where to hold:

Seashore, river, swimming pool, country hotel, coastal cafe, on board a ship or yacht, restaurant with nautical design.


The newlywed wears a white dress of chiffon, silk, or organza and adds a blue or turquoise belt.

A Greek style or A-silhouette is appropriate.

The head is decorated with a veil, a wreath of flowers and seashells, and headbands. It is possible to create an image of the sea princess with a long veil.

A man picks up a white or blue suit, a bow tie to match, cufflinks with symbols of the sea, and a boutonniere of seashells. If the holiday is on the shore or ship, it is allowed to be in a shirt of the same shade.

Textiles and Printing:

For invitations, use original paper with images of dolphins, fish, or starfish. Vintage scrolls.

The walls and the ceiling are draped with light fabrics in the form of waves and sails.

Tablecloths of white, blue or blue-colored tablecloths, striped or checked pattern, are appropriate.

Decor and Floristics:

Aquariums with fish, candle holders decorated with colored sand, pirate chests, anchors, ropes, steering wheels composed of coral, starfish, seashells, and pearls. White and blue flowers in vases.

Ethnic Wedding

Consider the celebration in the Greek style. It reflects the culture of ethnicity, emphasizes the national colors and customs of the people.


  • The wedding is held over three days;
  • The wedding is planned for the summer;
  • The bouquet of roses, orange blossoms, and ivy.

Where to hold:

Seaside, Santorini resort, country house, frescoed restaurant.


The girl picks up an airy, light-flowing dress. High waist, loose fit, one or two shoulders exposed. The hair is adorned with wreaths of laurel, flowers, and headbands. A bracelet on a leg or an arm The wedding dress is in the Greek style, aka empire.

The man is dressed in a light suit, perhaps a cylinder or a cane.

Textiles and Printing:

The cards depict a Greek landscape, statues, ornaments, olive sprigs, and laurel. You can write on a scroll, tie it with twine, and seal it.

Airy fabrics, flowing draperies, tablecloths with Greek ornaments.

Decor and Floristics:

Elegant amphorae, goblets, bowls, statues of gods, candles. Images of an instrument on which guests will leave wishes for the young.

Grapevine, olive branches, laurel, lots of flowers.

A Musical Wedding

Holding the ceremony in one of the following directions: country, rock, classical, pop music.


  • The main emphasis is on the music rather than accessories.
  • A carriage or car that transports musical instruments;
  • A bouquet of fresh flowers with sheet music decorations.

Where to hold:

Art cafe, restaurant, country hotel, house, or marquee.


The dress for the girl is chosen: light, airy, with musical accessories. Hair jewelry in the form of instruments.

The man chooses a suit of light colors and attaches a treble clef or guitar to the bowtie.

Textiles and Printing:

Invitations are made of sheet music paper and written on CDs.

On the tablecloth, embroider musical phrases with notes, draping them with translucent fabrics.

Decor and Floristics:

Vinyl records, musical instruments, bells, note paper decorations: butterflies, hearts, letters with names.

Pastel-colored compositions in note paper vases.


A travel-themed wedding is an opportunity to dive into a world of travel, flights, and new experiences.


  • In the form of a trip to one or more countries;
  • It is necessary to reflect on the national colors and traditions;
  • A bouquet of hydrangeas, tulips, peonies, and roses;
  • A procession of cabs, vintage or modern automobiles.

Where to hold:

Cafe, restaurant, country cottage.


The bride is in a short, loose-fitting dress. Fashionable short wedding dresses are in our selection.

The groom is dressed in a classic suit and a bow tie of unrestricted colors.

Complement the image with a holster, flask, compass, and cork helmet.

Textiles and Printing:

Invitations resemble train or plane tickets. Place them in an envelope made of a colored world map. Another option: a postcard with a stamp.

The text encourages an exciting trip.

Tablecloths on tables: white or imitating a map of the Earth.

Decor and Floristics:

Small globes, flags of various countries, souvenirs from trips; paper airplanes, balloons, ships, cases, photos from trips, geographic maps, suitcases. Paintings of world places of interest are placed on walls.

Flowers are everywhere: on tables, in vases on the floor, and in suitcases.

Berry Wedding

Berry Styled Wedding

A sweet celebration whose theme is dedicated to a single berry or a mixture of these tasty gifts of nature.


  • If a mixture of garden or forest fruits is taken as the basis, you can choose any one berry;
  • A bouquet of newlymarried berries in berry shades
  • Violets, roses, chrysanthemums, gloriosas;
  • A cortege of cars is supplemented with satin ribbons, compositions from berries and flowers.

Where to hold:

Marquee, country house, campground, restaurant.


A light dress with a berry print for a girl. A white outfit and a belt in a shade of juicy fruit will do. Hair jewelry in the shape of berries or plant wreaths.

A classic groom’s suit and white shirt should be enlivened with a tie, a bow tie of cherry or raspberry color, and a boutonniere with berries.

Textiles and Printing:

An invitation in the form of a berry, a card with a picture of the symbol of the celebration. White tablecloths or with berry embroidery.

Decor and Floristics:

Servings with a theme, hanging sprigs of fruit, garlands, balloons, berry arrangements.

Flowers with field herbs in wide vases.

‘Movie Style’ Wedding

Of course, for a movie-inspired wedding, you should choose your favorite film as the main script.

Special wedding agencies can help to implement your plans. They will take care of all the problems and concerns, guaranteeing a perfect result.

First of all, you should determine which movie you want to watch, and its subject will be the main topic of the reception.

Where to hold:

A small hall in a real cinema (expensive, but stylish);

A banquet hall at a country club or a holiday home;

The open terraces of summer cafes, restaurants, tents, or gazebos.

Textiles and Printing:

All wedding accessories must necessarily be in the same style. For example, wedding invitations can be made in the form of movie tickets, which will contain all the information about the upcoming marriage ceremony. In place of the original wedding cards, there will be boxes for popcorn, decorated according to all the rules of the invitations.

In the room for the banquet, you can lay out a red carpet on which to place posts with bumpers.

You get a symbolic red carpet for the world’s movie stars. It is obligatory to have at least one cine-cracker with the names of the newlyweds, the name of the wedding theme, etc. at the celebration.

This indispensable detail of the filming process is perfect for a photo session of both the newlyweds and the guests. The color scheme of the holiday, as well as the images of the young couple, entirely depend on the chosen theme of the holiday.

Therefore, it is necessary to select costumes in accordance with the conceived scenario so as not to disrupt the integrity of the picture.

In the banquet hall, they set up a couple of prop cameras on tripods.

You can put next to them a horn, carelessly stacked boxes with films-it’s a great idea for a wedding in the style of retro-film.

Accompanying music is a must for any wedding reception, and a movie wedding will naturally require a selection of music from the movie based on which the party is held.

The image of the newlyweds at a movie-style wedding

For a wedding in the style of the cinema, it is preferable for the bride and groom to stop at the choice of classic types of outfits for the wedding.

The groom will wear a dark tuxedo with a bow tie instead of a tie, and the bride will wear a classic white dress, which will emphasize the beauty and figure of the girl.

If the theme of your wedding is a certain era, the clothes will need to either adapt to the style of the time or replace the classic clothes with the clothes of the era.

In the invitations to the guests, specify the dress code for a movie-style wedding so that the guests can choose their clothes comfortably and beautifully.

The best options for such a wedding would be evening dresses for women and classic suits for men with a tie or bow tie. If you have chosen a certain genre of film, it should be specified so that the guests of the image pick up the right details.

For example, for a gangster wedding, men can add a vest or suspenders to the suit. For those who did not have time or could not find the right accessory, at the entrance they organized the issuance of such items.

Decor and Floristics:

If there is a possibility, then the best option for a wedding in the style of the cinema will be to hold the celebration in the cinema itself. But since it is quite expensive and not easy, consider another option.

A good solution would be a country house, which can be decorated and styled as a movie theater. You can also settle for a spacious restaurant room, which you will decorate with reels of film, film projectors, lamps, and other items related to the world of cinema.

To create an atmosphere like at film festivals, lay the red carpet, place a projector and a screen, and arrange statuettes of Oscar, which you will give your guests.

You can arrange the site where the director will be in a chair, with spotlights and cameras, and get the atmosphere of filming.

Depending on what kind of movie style you have chosen, for decorating the hall at a wedding in the style of the movie, use the props of guns, revolvers, posters of the bride and groom to the image in the movie, hats, and elements of clothing from different eras.

In such a hall, they will turn out wonderful photos made in the form of scenes from famous movies, in the style of popular movie posters, where the newlyweds will be in the main role.

Think through the script, what and who will do it; what contests will entertain guests. For example, you have chosen a movie theme about knights and tournaments, the romance of the time.

How to Choose a Wedding Style

Among the many options for decorating the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds will have to decide on a style or theme. This is the core of the event.

Otherwise, it will be ordinary and unremarkable.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Preparing?

It is necessary to calculate the budget.

A modest amount is not enough for every theme. The ceremony in the style of glamour requires more money, as you will have to rent the banquet hall of the restaurant. Rustic or boho requires no very large investments because the holiday can be held in nature.

The theme should be interesting and close to the young couple. It is better to be guided by common hobbies and preferences, tastes, or distinctive character traits that bring the newlyweds together. In which image do you think you will look more advantageous?

Take into account the interests, age, and number of guests; they should be interested and comfortable at the event.

The time of year must also be taken into account. Use more contrasting tones in the decorations to complement the seasonal natural decorations.

Once you have decided on the style of the wedding, think of a unified concept.

Decorations, colors, images of the newlyweds, every detail should correspond to the current version.

A themed wedding requires a dress code for guests. If the holiday is organized in a certain style, it is necessary to express the wishes for outfits.

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