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Wedding Features / July 5, 2022

Wedding Trends 2022

In 2022, we will witness some very beautiful weddings. Minimalism, classics, avant-garde, and experimentation—there will be many bold solutions from couples waiting for us.

We’ve gathered the hottest and trendiest trends, from the bride’s look to the wedding concept. These ideas will help you get a feel for what’s close to you or inspire you to do something new. Trends 2022 are a real aesthetic treat! Listen to yourself and create your own unique wedding!

Attend to accents

In 2022, we’ll see brides experimenting with accessories. Finally, all attention is not just to the dress, but to the details in the bride’s image.

In 2021, sunglasses were on trend. In 2022, we’re sure there will be more options: mini handbags, oversized earrings, veils, bows, large headbands, hats, head scarves, even tights. Mix bridal and casual fashion to make the look relevant.

Gloves are back

As long as we’re talking about accents, gloves are definitely back in 2022. Now they’re about to get even more interesting. It can be colored, long or short, see-through or thick-it depends on the look the bride has chosen.


Brides are so in love with white pantsuits that we’re excited to take this trend into 2022 too! This look can be chosen for a wedding reception or photo shoot, if you still don’t want to give up the dress completely. Free-cut, oversize, or a dress and jacket combination are fashionable.

Dresses: mini, silk, asymmetrical

The ideal dress is the one that the bride likes and harmonizes with her style of life. There is no single trend here. Asymmetrical necklines are still popular, but this trend will be diluted by bold asymmetrical necklines, silk and sleek dresses. Silk is love!

We want brides to be bolder and listen to themselves first when choosing a dress. Remember about accents: if you’re planning bright details, choose a dress that won’t overpower you.

Trend Alert! Goffer

This trend is literally appearing before our eyes. The right pleating is hard to find, but it’s worth it. Look how beautiful it looks! By the way, this trend can also be used in decor.


Give us more to celebrate! A glittery bride’s dress has often become the choice as the second choice for the party. The glitter theme can also be revealed with makeup and a manicure.

Festive Casual

The ability to balance between mass-market and premium brands is an art we learn from streetstylers. Now you don’t have to assemble an entire look in a bridal salon. After all, you can combine a simple white dress from Zara with designer pumps. And that means more choice and freedom of expression!


One of our favorite trends! Influencers around the world have brought back our love of feathers. They can adorn a dress or be an accent to a bride’s morning or bachelorette party look. The fringe can be a reference to this trend, but for a more minimalist or boho look.

Minimalist hairstyles

Bunches and sleek hairstyles are the ones to love. They are perfect for classic and elegant weddings. Beads and pearls are a fashion highlight, but be careful with this trend; it can quickly get boring, like pearl hairpins.


Shoes are like a separate art form. Brides now choose bright, bold, designer models. Shoes become an eye-catching accent, enlivening even the most simple dress and elevating the image to ultra-fashionable status.

Classic Shoes

For years, brides have been choosing sneakers and clunky boots to spice up their bridal look. In 2022, this list will be updated with actual ankle boots, boots, and shoes with a stable heel.


This year we will definitely see different variations of voluminous accent earrings. So much glitter! Let’s include massive vintage jewelry in this trend as well.


In the past year, searches on search engines and Pinterest for “pearls,” “pearl earrings,” and “string of pearls” have multiplied. We know what influenced this trend. More about that below. In the meantime, just be happy that brides can choose classic jewelry and look relevant. And if you want, you can combine pearls with rougher chains and jewelry.

Floral motifs and flounces

An idea that will appeal to brides in love with a romantic style is floral motifs, embroidery on the dress, and flounces.

Bride’s Bouquet

The trend for comfort and minimalism dictates a shift away from complicated and heavy bridal bouquets. The bride should be able to comfortably hold the bouquet in her hand so it becomes lighter. But it does not lose style. When the bouquet is smaller, you can choose more interesting and exotic flowers.


The bride’s image becomes layered. She can throw on the groom’s jacket while walking. Free blazer, cardigan, sweater, leather jacket, trench coat-the wedding image does not have to be strict. It can and should be diluted.

Weddings outdoors

Go out of town and spend the day with family and friends. The beloved outdoor party format is still relevant in 2022.

Weddings as a story

Weddings are no longer an isolated day in a couple’s life, but an extension of their story. You can use the decor, the entertainment, and the images to introduce guests to you a little closer.

For example, include your favorite food or wine from your first date. A playlist would include your favorite songs that you dance to in the morning. And as entertainment and decor, include references to your hobbies and interests. This is where family traditions are especially valuable and can be incorporated into the program.

Tell your story so your wedding will be unique!

color choice. More Freedom

Just a few years ago, it was practically the first thing that couples chose to color their wedding. We ended up seeing designer weddings-napkins, arch, bridesmaids’ dresses, the bride’s bouquet, and the groom’s boutonniere, all strictly in the same color.

But if stylists already allowed us not to wear a handbag and shoes in tone, then it’s also time to feel freer in weddings. You can choose accent colors, but you don’t have to follow them strictly in every detail. Bridesmaids can simply be dressed up.

In addition, the choice of color becomes bolder—you can combine bright pink and green. You can have neon. You can do orange and pink.


Another really hot trend is powdery pink, for one thing. Brilliant is another. It’s not just romantic, it’s bold!

In general, in 2022, couples will be choosing between classics and bright colors. And in the latter case, pink and neon colors are the favorites.


The most important thing about a wedding cake is that it’s delicious. But when it comes to style, we’re slowly moving away from rustic cakes and decorating with flowers (but you can still draw them). The trend for minimalism is already familiar; here we choose concise, smooth shapes and geometry.

Pinterest Cakes

But let’s face it, this season, we’re just crazy about bento cakes. Remember the one Hagrid gave Harry Potter? Well, look at how naive and cute it is!


Comfortable timing for both couples and guests comes to the forefront. Today’s couples are saying no to long walks, much less forcing guests to accompany them during a photo shoot. Separate the registry office from the celebration of the wedding and do not overload the evening program. Thoughtful timing is not visible in photos, but you can see it in the smiles of the guests and the couple.

Dinner at a Classic Restaurant

The beautiful interior of the restaurant, a wedding for literally twenty of the closest guests, rich holiday decorations, candlelight dinner. There will definitely be a lot of such chamber stories this season. And we’re all for it!

Curvy Tables

An interesting and fresh way to seat your guests. If there is no way to repeat such a table, just be inspired that seating at a wedding can be different. And its main task is to make it easy for everyone to communicate with each other.

5 Main trends in wedding photography and videography

  • Sincere emotions
  • Film stills
  • The black and white aesthetic
  • Elegant reportage
  • Backstage on the phone

Everyone is tired of perfect poses and slick filters. Couples want to save ordinary selfies from a cab or ceremony, and take shots on a disposable film camera. Have fun and dance, not pose for hours.

There is less emphasis on pretty layouts and more on feelings, the couple, the guests. Details and décor complete this picture, but don’t draw all the attention in the series. The photos have become livelier, and we certainly love this trend.


The pandemic has taught us to take care of our mental health and peace of mind. And preparing for a wedding can also be about self-care and harmony as a couple.

What is self-care wedding preparation? Setting aside enough time for quiet preparation, not imposing unrealistic deadlines, accepting help, delegating, and putting your trust in professionals.Take breaks, go on dates, rest, and take care of yourself during preparation.

What matters most is harmony in your couple.

Weddings are timeless.

This is an elegant celebration that will still look relevant 10 years from now. Classic textures and images of the couple; serving; candles in candlesticks; draped with fabric; understated decor; painting in a classic ceremonial hall—give our hearts to an elegant aesthetic.

Attention to light

Everyone has already learned to pay attention to decor, zoning, and entertainment. But in recent years, there’s been a lot more talk about light. It can help transform a space, or it can be used to ruin it. A photographer will help you assess the light on the site. It is advisable to do this before you sign a contract with the venue.


And here’s the show that’s responsible for bringing back the pearl and English garden style trends. Garden florals, corduroy, vintage furniture, square necklines, corsets, lace—all of these can be beat up not only in classic vintage style, but also combined with modern. Now that’s real craftsmanship!

The seating for socializing

The guests’ comfort and ability to socialize comes first. The decor should not block the view of the table. The bride and groom should be accessible. They don’t have to sit at a separate table or sometimes take turns sitting at the guests’ tables. The main focus is communication and maintaining the atmosphere. Seating is very important here.

The guests need free space to socialize instead of sitting at a table for six hours. As the format of the wedding changes, so does the menu and the zoning.

Comfortable program

And since communication comes first, a modern wedding doesn’t need to be a kaleidoscope of entertainment and entertainers. The program can allow adequate pauses for guests. If guests have the opportunity to do more than just sit at the table (there are other areas), then the attention will not just be on the stage.

Dress code Parties with fewer formalities

Weddings may not be a strict set of formalities. You don’t have to dress your bridesmaids in the same dress and the bride in white. You don’t have to give every guest a toast.

We’re all tired of pandemonium and want lightness. You can gather in the loft, have a rooftop barbecue, make a lounge area and just relax with family and friends. And if you want to be more festive, you can choose the cocktail-party format.

For the finale, anything’s possible!

Trends is a starting point for you to get inspired and find your own ideas. We want more couples to listen to themselves, broadcasting their vision and style through their wedding story.

You’ve seen how different a wedding can be. Both the classic concept and the colorful party can be stylish. And the image of the bride—romantic and sophisticated or ultramodern and even avant-garde.

Trends and fashion change, but only your individuality is priceless. Be creative, be creative, be yourself. Everything is possible!

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