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Wedding Features / July 1, 2022

What can wedding decor be without flowers?


We know how florists and brides are intimidated by rising floral prices. So today we want to train our eyes and show you how the trend toward minimalism can help you create a stylish arrangement without filling your entire space with flowers. You’ll see that there are many options, more than you can imagine.

Alternatives to Flowers

Traditionally, we think of wedding decor this way: a floral archway, floral arrangements on tables and in all areas. But there are more options: fabrics, branches, greenery, dried flowers, moss, other materials.

You should be inspired here not only by wedding projects but also by landscape design, stage decor, industrial design, even storefronts: ideas can wait for you in quite unexpected places. You’ll find that you can decorate spaces with more than just flowers.

The Basics: Venue and Interior

The basis of wedding decor is to choose a venue that doesn’t need to be overlapping. Note that in all the photos that you will like, everywhere is a very appropriate interior for these ideas.

So look for a site with a beautiful interior. Pay special attention to the walls, floor, lighting, dishes, textiles, and furniture. If the venue has a good base, you will be able to avoid blowing the decor budget. Ideally, the interior itself should be part of the decor.


The wedding arch has been around for years and can be more than just flowers. And even if flowers are used, their number can be optimized by the geometry of the arch. For example, you can decorate the ceremony area on the floor—less space and installation work.

Pay special attention when viewing the site. A picturesque veranda, a fireplace, a textured accent wall, a beautiful window or door—all this will help to use a minimum of decor. It’s important for you to designate and accentuate the area, but the materials for this can be very different. See examples in the gallery.


Once upon a time, there was a tradition of putting huge compositions on the tables of guests. Nowadays, the focus is on communication. Nothing should prevent the guests from seeing each other. You can decorate the tables with just a few flowers in accent vases, and the main accent should be placed on tableware.

If the task is to cut the budget, it is worth remembering that there are budget flower options, seasonal floristry, and Russian farms. Talk to your florist; he will probably be able to suggest alternatives. There are examples in the gallery.

Inspiration and Trust

As we’ve written before, it’s not just wedding projects that are worth getting inspired by. And it’s the same story with materials. In addition to fabric, you can use paper, concrete, and natural textures. Train your eyesight; don’t fixate only on colors.

Pay attention to vintage elements that can be brought to life for your wedding. Chairs, cabinets, even old TVs can be an element of decor.

It is very important that you work as a team and trust your decorator. Let the process of conceptualizing your wedding be your overall project. Trust those who are as excited about your wedding as you are, their expert opinion and experience, and everything will work out!

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