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Wedding Filmmaking / June 18, 2022

The Top 15 Ideas for a Successful Wedding Love-Story Videos: Comprehensive Guide


Personal story

A love story shoot is not just a staged video. It should be a reflection of your feelings and tell your guests about the couple. Talk to the bride and groom about the story of the shoot. It’s a good idea if you can get a love story down on paper. This can be a story about the first meeting, or just a funny incident from life. The basis of the story for the shooting may be a description of how the groom proposed to the bride. Thanks to such records, the videographer will be able to get to know the newlyweds better and offer creative love story options.

Most couples prefer to have such a film shoot before the wedding. But who prevents the bride and groom from abandoning this pattern and organizing the shoot right on the day of the marriage registration? That way, they will have a special wedding film shoot. And if the couple is not engaged, the young man can arrange a surprise shooting for the girl and at that time make a marriage proposal. We are sure that the video will turn out very sincere and will move the guests to tears at the wedding.

The right format

The key to a beautiful love story shoot is the right choice of venue. There are many ideas for a pre-wedding video shoot: from a cozy home shoot to an original love story in the mountains. Not to miscalculate the choice, take into account the tastes of the bride and groom. Introverts may be uncomfortable shooting a love story in a noisy place in the presence of strangers. And an active couple will probably want to get out of the studio and take pictures in the streets. To get beautiful shots, study all possible shooting locations. Think about whether it will be easy for them to reveal their feelings in front of the camera. Even if the location is their apartment, do not worry. With a professional filmmaker, a home video shoot in pajamas will turn out no worse than a film shoot in the studio.

Couple’s style

There is a myth that a couple in love turns out well in any circumstance. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. There are times when a video shoot in the nearest park looks too easy. Or when they have chosen looks that are not suitable for an urban landscape, but for a nature-based love-story, they are just right. Talk it over with each other and decide which style is closer to your couple. Popular choices include casual, home style, boho-chic, romantic, seaside or metropolitan video shoot, rustic, and country. Not only their looks, but also their location will depend on the chosen direction.

Creative approach

There are also unconventional options for pre-wedding shooting. Do you want to surprise the newlyweds’ guests at the celebration? Then share shots from the video shoot in extreme conditions. For instance, while underwater or while rock climbing. If rock climbing and skydiving are too risky for you, consider a lav-story video shoot while horseback riding or skating in an ice palace. To make sure the shoot reflects the newlyweds’ interests, discuss them together. Are you an art lover? A great reason to consider a love story in an art gallery or an empty opera house. Or arrange a video shoot in an old castle with a mysterious garden. Perhaps their favorite movies will inspire you to create a unique filmshoot love story? A walk through beautiful places and images stylized for another era will definitely surprise the wedding guests.


A video shoot venue and outfits aren’t everything. Often, a love-story shoot can’t be done without props. Usually, photo studios offer their own decor. But it also happens that the bride and groom have to look for the necessary attributes themselves. Clarify this point with them and make a list of things you will need. If it will be a night video shoot at a campfire on the beach, prepare matching plaids, sparklers, lanterns, and a guitar. For a nature shoot, purchase everything for a picnic, including a nice basket and bedding. Surely soap bubbles or flowers will look good in the frame. Are they dreaming of a love story video shoot with balloons? Then don’t forget to include them in your list of essentials. Transportation and a change of clothes should also be thought of in advance.

The Top 15 Ideas for a Bride and Groom Love-Story Film

Nature walk

Wedding love-story in the nature

For those who want natural shots alone with nature, it’s a good idea to go out of the city. If you choose sunrise or sunset, it’s just a dream! Choose looks that are closer to casual, so that everything is in harmony.

In the park

Wwedding love-story in the park

If you don’t want to go out of town, you can find parks and mansions in any city. Choose a time for their shoot when there aren’t too many people there, so they can relax and feel comfortable.

Films in black and white

Black and white wedding video

If you want to convey the power of feelings, black and white shots and concise images can create the right atmosphere.

Wind in your hair

Wedding love-story on the beach

If you want cinematic shots, get out to sea. The wind, the sound of waves, the seagulls, and just the two of you.


Wedding love-story at home

It’s where the bride and groom feel most comfortable. Show your usual routine, cook breakfast together, or just lie in bed.

By the way, don’t miss the breakdown of visual styles for the bride and groom’s joint morning.

Date at a cafe

Wedding love-story in a cafe

Or you can just go to their favorite cafe where they kiss each other on the nose. Pick looks that go with each other, have breakfast, and say them that they should ignore the videographer. Let them be themselves.

In the studio

Wedding love-story in the studio

Choose as minimalistic an interior as possible without any unnecessary details. All the attention is on your couple. You can literally put one chair or armchair against a white wall and get cool shots of just the two of them.

A walk through the city at night

Wedding love-story in the night city

Think back to those long summer dates when they were walking around and couldn’t get separated. Take a walk through your favorite romantic spots, kiss and enjoy each other.


Wedding love-story in the architectoral style

The city definitely has minimalist buildings and architecture. Attract your couple’s style with monochrome and geometry.

Morning date

Wedding love-story - morning date

Or they can have a morning date, grab a coffee to go, and go for a walk around town. Who’s treating who? 🙂

Road trip

Wedding love-story - road trip
The plot, if they like to travel. Get a car, put on their favorite songs, and go wherever your eyes can see.

The coast

Wedding love-story - the coast

A waterfront in the city, elegant newlyweds, a light breeze, and unforgettable shots of your love!


Wedding love-story - minimalism

You don’t need any background. Just them are enough. All the focus is on the poses, looks, and their love.

In the subway

Wedding love-story in the subway

Actually, it’s not just the subway. A streetcar, a bus, a river streetcar—any mode of transportation can serve as an unusual location for filming.

In a theater

Wedding love-story in the theater

It’s not so easy to get a permit to take pictures, but think about it! You have an empty theater, dim lights, and interiors. It’s so beautiful!

In a barn

If the wind, freedom, lightness, and invisible but tangible power of nature are close to the newlyweds’ heart, then this idea for a wedding love-story video is perfect for you. An open green field, a spacious barn filled with air, lots of greenery and natural materials in the decor.


Be prepared for the shoot in advance. They need to make an appointment for hair and makeup rehearsal, try on their chosen clothes and shoes once again. Prepare the necessary accessories and check the props. For a shoot with a clear story, you’ll need a script prepared in advance. Don’t forget to put it with the rest of your stuff. If they find it hard to loosen up in front of the camera, you can ask the groom to do a test shoot at home. Rehearse poses, watch video tutorials of famous models. Also, find out if there will be a location available for the shoot on the day you have chosen.

Rules for success

The quality of the shoot depends not only on the filmmaker, but also on the bride and groom. Sometimes, for the sake of spectacular shoots, couples are willing to travel to uncharted locations, but this trick doesn’t always work. In a picture on the Internet, a popular location for a photo shoot can look completely different than it does in real life. What to do? Take shots in places you’ve been before, or ask for feedback from people you trust. If you have to shoot outside, check the weather forecast beforehand. You may have to postpone the shoot, so don’t schedule it the day before the wedding.

It’s also important for the newlyweds to follow a few rules in order to get a successful film for a long-lasting memory. They should set the day completely free for the shoot, especially if you have to travel out of town. They also need to make the necessary beauty treatments in the evening, put off all the business, and get a good night’s sleep. And remember that the main secret of a perfect love story is a good newlywed’s mood.

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