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Wedding Video Editing / June 13, 2022

The Same-Day Edit Wedding Video. What Do Filmmakers Need To Know About It?


As someone who has both shot and been a part of many wedding days, I can say from experience that there is something truly special about a same day edit. For those who may not be familiar, a same day edit is when the videographer(s) create(s) a short film of the wedding day and play it for the couple and their guests at the reception. You could call it express-video. I’ll tell you more about why you should take a closer look at this idea.

What is a same-day edit?

A same day edit is a wedding film that captures all of the special moments from your wedding day and is edited together in time for you to view it at your reception! This way, you and your guests can relive all of the emotions and excitement of your big day while celebrating together. While some may think that a same day edit rushes the editing process, we believe that it actually allows us to be more creative. We have a shorter timeline to work with, which means that we have to be strategic about what footage we use and how we tell the story.

Why is the same-day edit special?

It is opposed to a traditional wedding video, which can take weeks or even months to edit. So why are same-day edits so special? First, they capture all the emotions of your wedding day in a way that you can relive for years to come. Second, they provide an instant keepsake for you and your guests to enjoy at your reception. It also is a great way to surprise your guests with a fun, creative film that captures all the best moments from your big day. I’m sure the emotions of guests who don’t know about the surprise will be unforgettable! The main thing is not to announce the viewing of the wedding video in advance.

But it’s not just about showing the finished clip at the banquet. It’s an opportunity for a couple to see the moments they have missed. For instance, their morning preparation and the others behind the scenes.

Look at yourself from the outside

It’s also a great opportunity to admire yourself a little bit. We know it sounds a little narcissistic, but newlyweds deserve it. Especially since how can the bride not admire herself in such a beautiful dress that she’s been looking for so long? We are sure the guests will share this admiration with the bride and groom.

It’s a “come to life” wedding album

Sometimes when looking through a wedding photo album, you get the unfortunate feeling that you can’t see what happened after that photo. The SDE reel just allows you to “revive” that day, keeping in mind all the toasts and wishes, laughter and tears of joy, wedding vows of the newlyweds and their first wedding dance.

This movie will also be of great value to those who were not at the wedding and the future children of the newlyweds. This is a great opportunity for them to almost live to see how the wedding went for dad and mom and revisit it on anniversaries.

I’m sure the couple’ll make quite a few new friends over the course of married life that they didn’t know at the time of the wedding. And, of course, they will be welcome guests during their family gatherings, such as wedding anniversaries. How do you show them all the details of the wedding ceremony? That’s right, with an SDE video that is just right.

How is it different from other wedding videos?

This type of video is different from other wedding videos because it lends itself to a more spontaneous, candid feel. It’s also a great way to relive your special day with family and friends who were unable to attend.

With an SDE video you will be on trend. For those who are always keeping up with the times, it is important to pick up on wedding ideas and traditions. An SDE video is a relatively new trend in the wedding industry that has already become a trend for the newlyweds.

The features of the same-day wedding video edit

What do you need to create a successful same-day edit?

To create a successful same-day edit, you need to have:

  • A clear vision for your film, and know exactly what moments you want to capture.
  • A motivated and organized team.
  • The right music. The song should be upbeat and reflect the overall feel of the day – remember, this is a video that will be shown at the reception, so it should get guests pumped up and ready to celebrate!
  • A detailed shot list.
  • A couple that trusts your vision!
  • A clear vision for your film. You need to know what story you want to tell and what moments you want to capture.
  • A skilled editor who can work quickly and efficiently to put everything together into a coherent film.

We are happy to help you with editing

So if you’re a wedding filmmaker and would like to provide the best same-day edit of the wedding video, we’ll be happy to help you with it. Just contact us for the details!

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