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Real Estate Video Editing Services

Real estate outsource video editing serviceToday, the demand for promotional video content has increased due to the transition to digital real estate sales.
With the help of video you can quickly answer the most important questions customers have, tell them about the advantages of real estate and the achievements of the developer.

Video is an effective assistant in selling real estate and increasing audience loyalty.

How to activate real estate sales with video production

How we can help you
  • Video Presentations

Creating dynamic video presentations for realtors, real estate agencies and construction companies

  • Real Estate Video

Creation of sales videos for construction projects, houses, residential complexes

  • Video For Clients

Real estate review videos for clients, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok), YouTube channels

  • Video Reports

Creating a series of video reports from construction projects

  • Timelapse Video

Creating an accelerated timelapse video of the construction process in months or years

What we do:

  • editingOutsourcing Video editing service for apartments
  • color correction
  • music overlay
  • titles
  • effects
  • transitions
  • shaky camera stabilization
  • stabilizing drone footages
  • video noise removal
  • defective pixel correction
  • and your individual wishes!

How to create a video for renting or selling real estate

Do you want your real estate video to stand out? To do so, you need to understand how to properly showcase the property.
There are so many options to advertise a property in the form of a video. Agents and Realtors often can’t decide which format will best suit their goals and budgets.
The need of using a video for marketing is undeniable: as the studies of Western agencies show, it can increase the sales almost in one and a half times. Next, we’ll look at several ways to create real estate video ads, pointing out their pros, cons, and price ranges. We hope this information will help you choose the most appropriate and effective option for your advertising campaign.

Full Service Studios

A full-service studio takes the job of creating your video on a turnkey basis. The production team creates a creative concept, script, shoots and edits the video, relying on their extensive experience. Hiring such professional videographers and editors, you will get a very high quality picture, which will definitely help you to sell your house, apartment or apartment complex.
The video will focus on the key features of your property, whether it’s location, communication infrastructures or design of the property. When ordering a video, the realtor should tell their ideas to point out important aspects. For real estate agencies, such a video is a good opportunity to showcase themselves and their expertise.
The video should be short, no more than two minutes. That’s enough to intrigue but not lose the viewer’s attention.
You outsource all the work to video creation experts
Filming can be done on the perfect day and time to showcase the best features of the property
Unique video design and thoughtful content
Guaranteed effectiveness of the finished video
Such projects are expensive
The option is more suitable for high-end properties, the sale of which offsets all marketing costs
Shooting and editing takes a lot of time
Average price range: above $700
This method of video creation is more suitable for expensive properties. In this case, you are wise to invest in promotion, saving time for other important transactions while professionals do all the work. For inexpensive properties, this option would be a waste of time and money.

Make a real estate video yourselfCreate a video for real estate yourself

If you are confident in your shooting skills, you can do all the work yourself. Just take your camera or cell phone and capture your property on the winning side. You can even edit and montage the video yourself. Look at real estate agency publications or check out the websites of popular real estate agents. See what methods they use and how their audience responds, and then choose the ones that will work for you.
Significant savings, since you don’t have to pay hired professionals.
You can get by with your video camera or cell phone.
Using free or cheap editing tools with an assortment of filters, transitions and other effects.
Who is better to show off your property than you?
Amateur camcorders or phones without accessories can’t provide professional quality footage.
You will need certain skills to shoot the subject at the right angle.
Such a video can “cheapen” an expensive property.
It will take a lot of your time to create a video.
There is no guarantee of the effectiveness of such a video.
Average price range: $0 – $200
The “self-made production” option is suitable for owners who don’t plan to spend much on advertising, and for those who are new in selling real estate. If you or your clients can’t afford videographers yet, combine your skills and create an inexpensive video that can work with the right approach. But remember that in the case of selling expensive homes and luxury apartments, a homemade marketing video, on the other hand, can ruin the experience.

We edit your footage

Your footage with an outsource real estate video editing service

Want to get the most professional video without hiring expensive videographers? Turn to video editors. For example, you can order high-quality editing of your promotional video without extra production costs. As in the previous case, shoot or photograph the property from several angles, focusing on details and showing general plans. Then we’ll process the source material and turn your content into a compelling marketing video.
Production time savings.
You get the assurance that the final video will definitely look professional, even with amateur source footage.
This option is much cheaper than the full-time work of a videographer.
You can get an attractive and effective video of your property just with photos.
You can have a finished video in 24 hours.

Our price for video editing services: starts at $25

This is probably the best option for both luxury and inexpensive properties. In both cases, these videos with professional editing will showcase the best aspects of your properties. You don’t spend a lot of time waiting for the result, and depending on the complexity of the assignment, you can get an effective video in one or a few days.

What you should know about shooting and editing real estate video

House construction. Video reportage

A video report on the progress of construction is usually done from the air and from the ground. From the air we show large-scale changes at the site. And also, if necessary, we put accents on the infrastructure present nearby. From the ground we show the details worth paying attention to and the work process in action. The work of construction equipment and qualified specialists looks great in the frame. We will do montage, color correction, overlaying music, titles, effects, transitions.

Building Construction video editing

Video editing: The course of building construction

Why do you need video and editing of the building construction process and why is it so important?
Firstly, it is a guarantee that the object purchased by the customer is progressing well in construction and will soon please him with its delivery, because the biggest fear of any person buying real estate under construction is a long construction period. Often most of us do not have the opportunity to visit the construction site regularly and see what has been done recently.
A video report or presentation on the progress of construction is a brief photo-video report of the various stages of construction.
It is important to know and remember that photos of your property under construction should be updated as often as you need them! The publication of such fresh reports allows clients to make sure that the construction site is not standing still. In addition, it demonstrates what exactly has been done over time.
Secondly, this type of video is a trend in video advertising. If you are a developer, then constantly updated photos and videos of the construction site – is an advantage in your portfolio, as well as an excellent reputation.

Video presentation. Video add shooting and editing

The choice of property, in most cases, takes place according to a complex individual algorithm, determined by the certain client. However, on the highly competitive real estate development market the offers are similar, and at the moment of making a decision emotions are in the foreground.
A video advertisement even at the moment of market monitoring allows the client to feel the philosophy of the project, walk around the territory, estimate its advantages.
Video about the project saves the time of the buyer: 3-5 minutes is enough time to get a complete idea about the project. A video is also convenient for presentation of the object at industry contests, when working with real estate agencies.
So, creation of video presentation is a time-consuming process, but we will cope with it and help you to get as much positive return on the investment into the production of the video as possible.

REal Estate Video Presentation
This is an effective way to present any information. With it you can not only tell about the object, but also show in video all main points concerning the real estate, what is undoubtedly a big plus.
Just a few years ago, presentations were made by means of a projector: pictures flashed on the screen frame by frame, accompanied by explanations of the speaker. Nowadays, video presentations are widely used, which we can watch both on the Internet and on TV. Video presentation needs no comments, it includes sound and music, which, without any doubt, erases the boundary between it and the commercial. And this is also a big plus, because after the presentation you can run this video as an advertisement for the construction of your facility.
A video add is a great way to briefly, but effectively and fully narrate about all the advantages of your company in the construction of objects. This video you can also present at business meetings, press conferences, in all social networks (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and others), that will undoubtedly positively influence the image of your company. In this way potential customers will be able to get acquainted in detail with the product offered to them and appreciate its merits.

Content for Youtube. Video shooting and editing

98% of users are already watching the content on YouTube every day. There is no need to conduct research and give statistics – we all know perfectly how video works. Unbreakable 🙂
That is exactly the kind of content we create – useful, addictive and entertaining.

Features of real estate video in different countries and cities

It is important to make a quality video montage for renting and selling cottages, apartments, townhouses, which are located in tourist places (Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand). Especially when clients are looking for property abroad (in Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, France), it will be very convenient for them to see a video about the property. Then creates the effect of presence and a sense of potential ownership of the house or apartment. Such an approach greatly increases the likelihood and speed of sale.

Real Estate in Europe for Video Editing

On video, it is desirable to show the advantages of the surrounding area, such as ocean, sea, forest, mountains. This is especially true in cities in the United States as Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco. Competition in the real estate market and its price is quite high here.
In Canada, when selling apartments in cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Motreal, Quebec, Ottawa, you can shoot a beautiful view from the upper floors of the building.
For Australia, it’s perfect to show the surrounding greenery and nearby public recreational areas. Often these factors can greatly increase the value of your house or apartment. Especially in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane.
In Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands) people often look at the surrounding architecture and accessibility of nature when buying property. A good video about real estate in Stockholm, Oslo, Amsterdam, Copenhagen will allow the owner or realtor to make a profit on the sale of the house. It will expand the range of potential buyers and attract attention to people from other countries.
A similar situation with cities in the UK (UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales) and Ireland. In London, Glasgow, Edinburg, Manchester, Leeds, Dublin with a professionally handled real estate video you can get a good extra income from the sale.

Video editing that sells your propertyGet a video that will sell your property!

Your success in the real estate market today certainly depends on whether or not you use video. Agents and realtors who use this approach to showcase their properties get more attention and sales. This is because videos resonate with buyers and create a connection between viewers and the property before even visiting the property directly. Don’t miss an opportunity to convince your customers that you offer the best options. Choose the best option to create a promotional video and increase your sales. You will find that regardless of your initial budget, you can get a beautiful video demonstration of a house, apartment or commercial space. And we are ready to help you!